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Koreans Share Their Thoughts Whether A K-pop Idol Should Be Punished For Past Bullying

By Staff Reporter | Apr 23, 2020 03:26 PM EDT
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(Photo : Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay )

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Previous bullying controversies are one of the worst incidents that could happen to an artist as they can significantly damage the reputation of an entertainer. Two idols suspected of past bullying are former SISTAR's Hyolyn and Yoo Young Hyun of Jannabi

A YouTube channel called "Asian Boss" surveyed Koreans about their thoughts on the matter. Some felt the celebrities should be disciplined for their past abuse because it's not fair for them to live like a star so openly.

"When you see them nonchalantly living their lives as K-pop idols, that does not seem right to me," a respondent shared. 

When one band participant is implicated in a bullying controversy, all the other members will all continue to get "punished." That can enable the reputation of the entire community to tarnish.

"Since finding out one band member had been a serious perpetrator of school violence for three years, I started viewing the rest of the band members in the same light," said one citizen. 

Not all thought of previous bullying cases adversely, as some respondents felt the act could be pardoned. When the idol reflected on their acts and asked for forgiveness from the victims, they felt they should always be forgiven.

"If he is sorry for what he did in the past when he was young and unmindful and the other side accepts that then it should be okay for him to stay in the band," a respondent said.

Some respondents believed a bullying controversy was different from their music because as musicians, this shouldn't impact them dramatically.

"The music they have created has nothing to do with the past, so when it comes to buying their music, I don't think I will be discouraged from doing so," one person said.

There have also been some conflicting views on the victims when the perpetrator is popular.

"But coming forward and proudly stating the harm they have suffered, and wanting relief from that, which they should get," another respondent said.

Several of the people interviewed understand that no one has a flawless record, so famous people should not be kept to such a high level.

"We have all made mistakes in our lives. Honestly, there is no one with a clean past," a person stated.

Meanwhile, everyone agreed that a bullying incident is a big thing and that they would promptly take full responsibility and apologize to the victims.

"You should go to the victim and apologize. That is really necessary," said one respondent.

Aside from those who have been accused of being perpetrators of harassment or bullying, here are a few of the Korean idols who were bullied throughout their careers and life.

Hwayoung (Former T-ara Member)

Former T-ara member Hwayoung was alleged to have been heavily harassed by the other members with an "evidence" list that made headlines and created great uproar about the group. The whole problem started in 2012 when an injury stopped Hwayoung from attending T-ara's concert in Japan.

Kang Daniel (Former WANNA ONE Member)

During elementary school, Kang Daniel was reportedly humiliated because the other children felt he was ugly. He said he learned later that self-respect comes from the inside.


In an interview on Sixteen, Somi wept as she spoke of being mocked for her appearance. Somi, whose dad is Canadian and whose mom is Korean, admitted that she had been bullied by the people around her because she looks completely different from all the other Korean learners.

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