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Check Out How Lia and Yeji Deal With Confetti After Performing "WANNABE"

By Staff Reporter | Apr 08, 2020 11:15 PM EDT
Lia and Yeji Deal With Confetti
(Photo : Twitter)

ITZY released their second mini-album IT'z ME on March 9 and finished their four-week run on SBS's Inkigayo on April 5. The members Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna, expressed their final sentiments as they held their last performance.

"Thank you so much for your love. Especially, it was an activity where I could feel the importance of the fans who always cheered me up close. ITZY will always work hard so that we can greet you with better performances. Please look forward to it in the future," the group said.

However, when ITZY concludes their WANNABE performances on different music stages, the members' quirkiness and professionalism gets exposed on stage - particularly when they deal with confetti.

The fans noticed how Yeji and Lia both dealt with confetti everytime they end their powerful dance performance. The members are known to be pretty sensitive when it comes to explosive confetti whenever the music show announces who got the first place. 

However, the members also showed their personality when confetti would stick in their mouth when they end a performance. The girls have been performing so well throughout their long promotion time, and as well, did a great job on stage, even though they don't have their fans supporting them up close, due to COVID-19. 

Perfect performance, the team's exclusive patent, is also receiving explosive responses, and related content is heating up online. Not only its contents, such as performance videos and choreography practice videos but also stage videos of each music broadcast program have received significant attention, recording high views. 

ITZY surely earned the nickname for being one of the girl groups beyond the "monster rookie" title with their new bop track

Their new album's title track WANNABE also boasted its long-running popularity, topping real-time, daily, and weekly charts on various music sites. ITZY has achieved remarkable results in various fields, including online music charts, album charts, YouTube and music broadcasts, and further continued its buzz throughout their activities. Starting with Mnet's M Countdown on March 19, they have already claimed their first win, moving on to Show! Music Core and Show Champion they won more trophies, and Inkigayo, winning eight awards on music shows. In particular, they topped M Countdown and Inkigayo for the third consecutive week, earning triple crown on both music shows.

They also showed off their potential as a "new YouTube powerhouse" as the music video for WANNABE exceeded 80 million views on YouTube, nine hours after its release. It is expected to achieve three consecutive 100 million views at high speeds following DALLA DALLA and ICY, which pushed the record of their debut song by about nine days.

Following the number of streams on Music outlets and YouTube, a barometer of widespread popularity, JYP Entertainment also stood out in record sales, which is a measure of the size of fandom. Its second mini-album, IT'z ME, surpassed 64,659 initial sales, according to Hanteo Chart, which made the group's extraordinary growth rate twice as high as its previous one.

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