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Girls' Generation Tiffany's Manager Positive for COVID-19

By Staff Reporter | Mar 31, 2020 05:24 PM EDT

Girls' Generation in August 2014 (02)

It has been reported that Tara Anne, the manager of Girls' Generation Tiffany, tested positive for Coronavirus. Tara Anne is Tiffany's global promotion manager.

The manager verified that she was being diagnosed with the infection herself through her GoFundMe, which has been launched by someone she claimed to know. The colleague who commenced the GoFundMe project explains how she contracted the virus.

Girls Generation's Tiffany's Manager  Positive For COVID-19

(Photo : Twitter)

"Our colleague Tara recently discovered that she had a COVID-19 infection caused by the strain of coronavirus which further led her to develop pneumonia.

Like many of us would think, it's a physically and financially unforeseen struggle, which could require some financial assistance to get through. With many musicians and performing artists, Tara has played a significant role, guaranteeing that everyone is well taken care of. Let us support her by doing the same for her.

This funding will allow Tara not to be capable of functioning while concentrating on treatment, which would also add to a still undisclosed amount of medical fees incurred as of now.

There will be restrictions in health care and treatment out of pocket expenses, including one with a visit to the emergency room and the expense of medicine, up to at least $500.

There's rent, taxes, and a shortage of insurance benefits on the horizon that will only financial support could supply.

Now is as much time as ever to offer assistance to a friend if we're in a place to do that. Tara would certainly have done the same thing. Thank you so much!"

Tiffany's fans saw her and her manager as she toured the world with her. Tiffany has yet to respond to the shocking news.

After college, Tara started working as a sustainable development coordinator with Kevin Lyman for many promotions including Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown, the Vans Warped Tour, and the Metal Mayhem. They worked to create groundbreaking ecological standards to reduce the effects of festival tours in collaboration with Philippe Cousteau's Earth Echo Foundation.

She organized over 40 live 8-10 camera concert shows, including Live Earth and Rock in Rio and Bon Jovi's record-spreading live Time Square broadcasts and Beyonce Live broadcasts in Tokyo during Tara's tenure at the Network Live(now known as the control room).

Then Tara handled the iconic Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion for over 3 years, performing more than 200 concerts a year, internationally including the success of Coachella with Dre and the infamous Tupac hologram.

Tara also led a major, ambitious rebranding and international licensing campaign while serving as Vice President of Doggystyle merchandising, involving collaborations with H&M, Primark and other national chains and shops throughout the UK and Europe.

Tara consults regularly on Logistics, Tour planning and artist growth, and management teams. And her advice on successful tour marketing is from Janelle Monae's team to create the PTTOW! And PTTOW! And PTTOW! Tara has an established record of doing real work, either with music festival teams or organizing and producing international promotions and events.

Here are the various artists that she has successfully handled: Adidas, CBS, Wells Fargo, Snoop Dogg, Indigo Girls, Joe Cool, The Naked and Famous, Tiffany Young, Zara Larsson, Chromeo, Brooke Fraser, Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds, The Hollywood Vampires (Joe Perry, Alice Cooper, and Johnny Depp), The Interrupters and Dave Hause and The Mermaid.

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