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This idol group is the biggest profit maker at JYP Entertainment

By Maria A. | May 14, 2017 09:05 AM EDT
2PM's Junho performs at the K-Pop "Go Crazy" World Tour in New Jersey.
(Photo : Getty Images/Dave Kotinsky) 2PM's Junho performs at the K-Pop "Go Crazy" World Tour in New Jersey.

As one of the Big 3 entertainment companies in South Korea, JYP Entertainment is home to some of the most popular idol groups of all time. From the senior idols to the rookies, a lot of fans are curious as to which of them are the agency's biggest money makers. 2PM's Junho just recently spilled the beans on that mystery.

On the May 11 broadcast of "Happy Together 3," 2PM's Junho discussed which idol group is the current highest-earner on JYP Entertainment. Contrary to speculations that girl group TWICE is raking in the most cast for the company at present, Junho revealed that it's actually 2PM that brings in the most profit.

Junho explained that although 2PM rarely appears on the local broadcasts these days, the group heavily promotes and goes on tours overseas, making them the reigning top profit maker at JYP Entertainment, allkpop reports.

Junho's statement coincides with that of JYP Entertainment CEO Jung Wook, who revealed in December that 2PM is the number 1 profit maker at the agency, followed by Suzy, GOT7 and TWICE. 

Jung Wook acknowledged 2PM's popularity in Japan and the concerts they hold there as constituting the large chunk of what they bring into the agency, allkpop reports.

Meanwhile, Junho also wanted to clear up misconceptions about 2PM. He shared that he's been getting a lot of questions lately about what he's been doing and many people assume that he and the rest of 2PM are on hiatus.

He received comments questioning why he can afford to live in a nice house when he allegedly isn't working. Junho wanted to clarify that although it appears 2PM isn't busy promoting in South Korea, the members are still working very hard overseas.

2PM debuted in 2008 and has since gone on to become one of K-Pop's most successful and recognizable acts. The group launched a new reality show on E! Entertainment this year, titled "2PM Wild Beat."

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