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5 Fossilized dinosaur eggs dated 70 million years unearthed in China [VIDEO]

By Mharia Emmareen | Apr 22, 2017 03:50 AM EDT
A nest of eggs of the dinosaur Faveoloolithus ningxiaensis found in Nei Mongol, China. This fossil is ages 100-65 million years old (Cretaceous period).
(Photo : Wikimedia Commons/Peter Maas)

Dinosaur eggs from the Cretaceous period have been unearthed from a construction site in China. Five fossilized dinosaur eggs were discovered buried at about 26 feet deep and conserved in red sandstone. The eggs that are round in shape are believed to come from the herbivores phytophagous dinosaurs.

According to Foshan's chief geologist, Liu Jianxiong, "There are two things special about the Sanshui Basin: one, it's rich in minerals, two is that it's rich in fossils, like dinosaur eggs. This discovery is very important to our research on paleoclimate and sedimentary environment, "as reported by Sky News.

The Foshan province has provided relevant discovery regarding numerous fossilized dinosaur eggs. The region has acquired distinction in the scientific affinity for exposing important information regarding the Cretaceous Period.

Business Insider has learned that there were 5 fossilized dinosaur eggs recovered in Guandong. Three eggs were already broken but the remaining two are still evident.

This is not the first time that fossilized dinosaur eggs were found in China. As a matter of fact, there were 43 fossilized dinosaur eggs discovered in the southern part of the country. The dinosaur eggs were exposed during a road excavation in Heyuan situated in the Guangdong province. Heyuan called itself, 'Home of Dinosaurs'.

The fossilized dinosaur eggs measure up to 13cm in diameter for the largest egg. Out of the 43 fossilized dinosaur eggs, 19 were totally preserved, said the Dinosaur Museum city director, Du Yanli. Chinese Academy of Sciences experts are going to analyze the dinosaur eggs to determine its species.

About 17,000 broken pieces of fossilized dinosaur eggs were discovered on the site ever since the first dinosaur eggs discovery. Yanli mentioned that there is a probability that dinosaur fossils will be unearthed in sandstone beds throughout the city which could pause construction building if there are fossils underneath the site.

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