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[BREAKING] KBS bans Jay Park’s ‘Hulk Hogan’ and BToB’s ‘Rock N Hiphop’ for inappropriate lyrics

By diana | Mar 15, 2017 10:56 PM EDT
Jay Park performs during a Calvin Klein Jeans music event in Hong Kong.
(Photo : Getty Images/Jerome Favre) Jay Park performs during a Calvin Klein Jeans music event in Hong Kong.

KBS has banned Jay Park and BToB's singles from airing on music programs due to its contents.

On Wednesday, the broadcasting company revealed Jay Park and BToB will not be allowed to promote their respective songs "Hulk Hogan" and "Rock N Hiphop" for failing to meet the standards.

Korea Joongang Daily cited Jay Park's "Hulk Hogan" was banned for containing profane language, while BToB's "Rock N Hiphop" was deemed unfit for broadcast for promoting a company brand in its lyrics.

The decision came a week after Jay Park and BToB released their new tracks. The former 2PM leader dropped "Hulk Hogan" as his first singer this year. The hip-hop track is a follow-up of his "Everything You Wanted" album that was launched last year.

While BToB's "Rock N Hiphop" is a song from the boy group's latest album "Feel'eM," their 10th mini-album since they were formed in 2012. According to Soompi, the EP's title track "Movie" dominated real-time music charts shortly after it was released.

Hence, BToB members extended their gratitude to their fans for making their comeback a success. "Thank you so much to Melodies and those who love and support BToB's music," Eunkwang said.

He continued, "This album concept and title track is a new challenge for BTOB so I was a little worried but I'm happy that people are showing it a lot of love. We as BToB will work hard to take on new challenges and create even better music in the future."

Apart from topping several music charts with "Movie," BToB also placed "Someday" at number one. The pre-release song was personally written, composed and arranged by Hyunsik.

"I'm most happy when I sing on stage and when people love the music I worked hard to write. I think it's all due to our Melodies that "Movie" and "Someday" could reach No. 1," the BToB member said.

Aside from Jay Park and BToB's songs, 16 other tracks were banned by KBS from broadcasting on Wednesday. These include songs by Nieah, Xin Se-ha and Jeebanoff.

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