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‘Marriage, Not Dating’ actress Han Groo gives birth to twins

By diana | Mar 09, 2017 12:47 AM EST
Korean actress Han Groo and non-celebrity husband become parents of twins.
(Photo : YouTube/American Like This) Korean actress Han Groo and non-celebrity husband become parents of twins.

Singer-turned-actress Han Groo is confirmed to have given birth to not just one, but two babies!

A source affiliated with the "Marriage, Not Dating" actress shared the news on Wednesday, stating that Han Groo is currently admitted at a postpartum care center after giving birth to twins.

After shying away from the limelight during her pregnancy, fans are curious about Han Groo's future plans. However, the actress has remained tight-lipped on her comeback.

"We cannot be sure about her plans for returning [to acting]. It's a little early to talk about whether or not she's returning as she just recently gave birth," the source added as per Soompi.

The 24-year-old actress tied the knot with her non-celebrity boyfriend last November 2015. Allkpop cited the couple have been dating for a year before they have decided to get married.

Han Groo and her partner held the private ceremony at the Seoul Hyatt Hotel where families and friends gathered to celebrate the union of the two. Some of the celebrities who were present at the wedding include rapper Jessi, CLC's Yoojin and "Real Men - Female Soldier Special" cast.

The singer-turned-actress came from a family who is drawn to show business. Her father used to be a TV commercial director, while Han Groo's mother was a professional model during her time.

After a four-year stay in China from the United States, Han Groo returned to Korea in hopes to pursue an acting career. But instead of debuting as an actress, she was rather introduced to the music industry in 2011.

In the same year, Han Groo officially made her acting debut with a leading role in "Girl K." She had her breakthrough with "Just Like Today" which gave Han Groo her first Best New Actress award.

Han Groo also earned recognitions for her role in "One Warm Word," where she played a supporting role. In fact, the singer-turned-actress won New Icon and New Star awards for the drama.

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