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Park Hae Jin's Chinese drama 'Far Away Love' is set to premiere in March

By Louise Bonquin | Feb 04, 2016 11:55 AM EST
Park Hae Jin as Sim Ahn in Chinese drama 'Far Away Love.'
(Photo : You Tube/Tamacyan0102) Park Hae Jin as Sim Ahn in Chinese drama 'Far Away Love.'

Korean actor Park Hae Jin is starring in the Chinese drama called "Far Away Love." Although the TV soap was filmed and completed in 2013, it will only be this coming March that it will be finally shown on television.

One reason why it took so long for the drama to air was the strict Chinese TV censorship policies. Shows are being heavily reviewed so most of the Korean dramas are being filmed ahead of time. If they can be screened in advance by the Chinese board of censors, there is high chance that it can be aired in China, Yonhap News has learned.

Currently, Park is appearing in "Cheese in the Trap" and the Chinese viewers really like it. In fact, on the popularity chart of the Weibo, the drama's fifth episode was viewed by 350 million audience. The following day, the number of viewers further grew to staggering 400 million.

The actor became popular in China after he starred in the Korean drama soap called "Famous Chil Princesses" in 2006. His role in the follow-up drama "East of Eden" and "My Daughter Seo Young" boosted his career, but it was his characters in the mega hit series "You Who Came from the Star" and "Doctor Stranger" which really cemented his status as one of Korea's best actors and China's favorite.

According to Kpop Herald, with Park's strong fan base in China, many Chinese producers and advertisers have been trying to get his services. So far, the actor was able to complete several projects which include three dramas - "Another Brilliant Life," "Qian Duo Duo Gets Married" and "Relativity in Love."

At any rate, in "Far Away Love," Park will play as a young restaurant owner named Sim Ahn. After a painful heartbreak, he shut his heart and turned cold. Later, in an unexpected twist of fate, he opened up his heart again and fell in love with Akcho Ha, who turned out to be his ex-girlfriend's sister.

The drama is directed by a well-known director and actor Jusi Moo. It will premiere on March 1 on Guangdong TV and Southeast TV.

Watch the official teaser below!

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