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Red Velvet explores pop vintage fantasyland in ‘Rookie’ MV release

By Faye | Feb 01, 2017 10:46 PM EST
Red Velvet in "Rookie" MV, their latest title track release from their fourth mini-album of the same title.
(Photo : Youtube/SMTOWN) Red Velvet in "Rookie" MV, their latest title track release from their fourth mini-album of the same title.

Red Velvet is back with their quirky trademark style with their latest mini-album release "Rookie," which contains 6 tracks in total.

With "Rookie," the MV highlights the bright and whimsical style that Red Velvet is known for. The MV for "Rookie" features the characteristic solid-colored backgrounds; flat and shallow spaces; and surreal visuals with a hint of vintage pop that can be found in most of the group's music videos. The MV also showcases the highly complex choreography that Red Velvet is known for.

The group's escapades in "Rookie" begins as Joy holds a perfume bottle and the rest of the girls inhale the pink fumes and send them off to a journey chasing a mysterious figure dressed in flowers from head to toe. The members walk through cabinets and enter a new world every time they open the doors, including a romp through the skies in spaceships. Their "Alice in Wonderland" adventure finally ends with Red Velvet performing in a theater backdrop and showing off the set behind the scenes.

Less than a day since its release, "Rookie" has already garnered more than 1M views in Youtube. However, netizen response to the song is mixed, Allkpop reported. Netizens feel that something is lacking with the song, compared to Red Velvet's previous releases such as "Dumb Dumb" or "Russian Roulette."

"Rookie" shares the same features that most of Red Velvet's title tracks have such as synth beats, verses sung in sing speak, repetitive chorus and the frenetic pace of energy, according to Billboard. However, some netizens feel that "Rookie" is the worst title track they've had so far, claiming it lacks an addictive beat unlike their previous songs.

"Rookie" does have five other songs to please the fans, with "Little Little," "Happily Ever After," "Talk To Me," "Body Talk," and a romantic ballad solo from Wendy with "Last Love." Red Velvet will make their first comeback stage in Music Bank on Friday, Feb. 3.

Watch Red Velvet's "Rookie" here:

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