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Study suggests evidence of linkage between cannabis consumption and schizophrenia [VIDEO]

By Mauricia | Dec 26, 2016 06:12 PM EST
An employee inspects medicinal marijuana buds at Tweed INC., in Smith Falls, Ontario, on Monday December 5, 2016.
(Photo : Getty Images/LARS HAGBERG) An employee inspects medicinal marijuana buds at Tweed INC., in Smith Falls, Ontario, on Monday December 5, 2016.

More cannabis is being consumed every minute as more states legalize both recreational and medical marijuana. The latest study found out that some people with illnesses like the schizophrenia could possibly try marijuana not aware that the substance could also aggravate the dangers of developing symptoms.

Research suggests that consumption of the weed is more common with people suffering from psychosis compared to the general population. This practice could also boost the dangers of psychotic symptoms. 

According to Medical News Today, pot consumption has been associated with syndromes of psychosis like delusional thinking and paranoia to 40 percent of marijuana users.

Formerly, scientists cautioned that young people who consume weed might be putting their lives in danger of psychotic disorders. People suffering from schizophrenia seem to have a greater chance of coming across psychosis if they consume marijuana. Prior warnings tell of concerns about the distinctly strong strains of marijuana such as the one called "skunk" which is presently revolving among young people.

Results of the study are indefinite and experts suggested of more research. Dr. Suzi Gage and her team from the School of Experimental Psychology at Bristol University in the United Kingdom have found out more evidence that marijuana could be the chiefly risk to people suffering from schizophrenia, even they emphasize that other aspects affect mental health.

Some of the proof was discovered to support the theories that consuming marijuana is a causative factor in raising the risk of schizophrenia. The researchers, however, were surprised to see a stronger indication that the contrary was also possible. This fuels the thought that marijuana could be used as a way of self-medication, Science Daily reported.

"The evidence suggested that schizophrenia risk predicts the likelihood of trying cannabis. However, the relationship could operate in both directions," said Dr. Suzi Gage.

She added that the results don't really enable them to precisely foresee the amount of impact which is more regarding the presentation of evidence that the relationship is contributory, instead of the result of mixup or common risk aspects.

Mendelian Randomization (MR) was the method used by researchers to analyze publicly available data from genome-wide association studies. It is a procedure of assisting variable analysis with the utilization of genetic deviations that forecast either marijuana use risk or the other way around which is the risk of developing schizophrenia.

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