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Real Asian Beauties Stand Out With ‘Single Eyelid’ Look

By Lorenzo | Dec 11, 2015 01:43 AM EST

A new trend is making its round with Asian women these days. Thanks to natural beauty and having  a "single eyelid" that now most women appreciate more. Now, having that small-eyed look gives Asian women insanely beautiful and crazy charms.

In the past, the double eyelid look was preferred by everyone, especially by most entertainment personalities. These celebrities think that these made them sexier, cuter and more attractive on TV. An article published on Mail O-line showed Korean women's obsession with double eyelid surgery so that they can look like some western celebrities.

However, the trend does change and turn things around. "Single eyelid" look is starting to be recognized as a standout look. This eye feature is natural for Asians since approximately 50 percent of all Asians are born with the "single eyelid" type as mentioned by Asianeyelid.com.

This eye look is a head turner. It matches Asian's dark and shapely eyebrows. It highlights jaunty cheekbones and voluptuous nectar-filled lips.

Some Asian female idols and stars who embraced the "single eyelid" look are Sohee of Wonder Girls, CL of 2NE1, Krystal and Sulliof f(x)'s, BoA, Eunjung of T-Ara, Minah of Girl's Day, Nana of After School and Seungyeon of Kara. Their eyes gave them mysterious auras, perfect eye smiles, powerful glances, youthful looks, confidence and coolness.

Since TV personalities are very influential and well-known trendsetters, this "single eyelid" look spreads its popularity in the entertainment, beauty and fashion markets which the public embraces too. There are a lot of makeup tutorials online and makeup tips in magazines on how to achieve a perfect "single eyelid" look. For a more permanent effect, others go for single eyelid surgery, which is not always the most favorable option.

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