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'feast by GOMI HAYAKAWA' Brings My Melody To Girls Gifted With 'Cinderella Breasts'

By diana | Dec 09, 2015 03:51 AM EST
(Photo : YouTube/ハヤカワ五味) The Japanese lingerie brand recently released a special My Melody and Kuromi collection

Japanese brand, "feast by GOMI HAYAKAWA," has a treat for its client base this holiday season. The lingerie maker collaborated with the producer of all things cute, Sanrio, for a new collection aimed to small-breasted women. 

The new line, according to Tokyo Girls Update, will be featuring My Melody and Kuromi. In most of the pieces, the characters were printed on the front side of the clothing, meanwhile, the back side has a bunny tail attached to it if the frills, laces, and ruffles weren't cute enough!

Feast started off last year after Tama Art University student, designer Gomi Hayakawa, launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a lingerie line for small-breasted women. The idea was so widely embraced that Hayakawa was able to reach and even surpass the funding she needed. The designer then released an entire line of pajamas as well as stage fashion shows in addition to producing a collection of lingerie pieces, reported Japan Times

Feast had also expanded to a swimwear line. "Cinderella Bust" refers to modestly-sized breasts, particularly ones that are sized AAA to A, which are typical to lean Asian women. Hayakawa hopes that her lingerie brand will help kill the notion that women with smaller chests are not sexy.

Aside from coining and making the term "Cinderella Bust" popular, the young entrepreneur also cleverly substituted the first kanji character of the Japanese word for "small breasts" ("hin'nyuu") to turn it into "elegant" or "classy" breasts. 

Ironically, because of the growing popularity of the lingerie brand in Japan, people are now requesting for Hayakawa to release a line for women with bigger sizes. To view the collection, visit Feast by Gomi Hayakawa online shop. 

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