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Netizens claim that IU is trying to imitate Sulli’s style

By Dianne Sencil | Jul 20, 2016 12:44 PM EDT
South Korean singer IU in one of her Instagram posts.
(Photo : IU's Instagram photo) Iu started her career in the Korean entertainment scene in 2008.

South Korean artists IU and former f(x) member Sulli has been included the discussions of the online community lately. According to the netizens, the “Good Day” singer is imitating Sulli’s style and “trying to be like her”.

The comparison between the two of Korea’s most well-known artists stirred up when an unknown netizen posted several photos of the two with the title 'IU copied Sulli on her social media account, All KPop reported. Based on the post, it appears that IU and Sulli have indeed been wearing the same style in different events.

In one of the photos, Sulli is wearing a white long sleeved top paired with denim pants, white high heels, and a saddle bag during an event in March. Meanwhile, IU was wearing an outfit almost similar to Sulli for the farewell party of her tv drama series earlier this month.

The said similarities have caused assorted assumptions between the fans of the stars. And since Sulli was the first one seen wearing the fashion style, IU was accused of being a copycat.

"The pants are really similar and the way their shirts cut near the top are the same too so what do you mean IU didn't copy lolololol. It's not like those clothes are common," one of the netizens commented as quoted by All KPop.

In IU’s defense, a netizen stated that wearing the similar outfit with Sulli doesn’t mean that she is already trying to imitate her fellow artist. Another added that everyone should think before making an issue between the two.

The fan-made controversy between the IU and Sulli started in May this year. According to a report by Korea Boo, netizens claimed that IU is trying to copy Sulli's signature smile. However, despite the heated issues, neither of the singers responded until now.

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