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Zayn Malik talks about the ‘Real’ reason he decided to leave One Direction

By Clarissa Wilson | Jul 17, 2016 08:52 AM EDT
Zayn Malik
(Photo : https://twitter.com/zaynmalik) Zayn Malik used to be a member of the boy band, One Direction

One Direction fans, especially fans of Zayn Malik, were devastated when he decided to leave the group. During an interview with Glamour, he not only stated that he needed and desperately wanted a normal teenage life, but he also revealed the "real" reason for leaving the group.

According to Music Times on July 14, Malik stated that he had a dream that an alien told him to leave the group and to experience what it really feels like to be a teenage boy. And, no one is saying he didn't because he really could have had a dream like that.

Although he may or may not have actually dreamed about an alien telling him to quit the boy band, he desperately wanted to experience a normal teenage life. Even if he thought he was going to live a happy and normal life as a real teenage boy, he certainly is not living a normal life while dating model, Gigi Hadid, and still living as a celebrity.

One Direction was created in 2010 when "The X Factor" judge Simon Cowell placed him in a group, along with fellow band members, Harry Styles, Lois Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan. They became One Direction and hit the charts with top hits such as "What Makes You Beautiful," "Best Song Ever" and "One Thing."

Although he became extremely famous with One Direction topping the music charts with their different hit singles and full albums, he left the group in March 2015. Back then, he told everyone he wanted to live a normal teenage life and have some privacy in his life.

Apparently, while being in the boy band, he told East Coast Radio that he was not allowed to do certain things while belonging to the singing group. A couple of the things he was not allowed to do, but desperately wanted to do, included dying his hair and having a beard on his face. Since he was in a boy band, he had to keep the teenage, young and sexy boy image if he wanted to stay in it.

An alien could have come to him in a dream. We will never know if this really happened, though. We can only just speculate whether it is true or not.

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