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Japanese Fashion Designer to Debut at Paris Fashion Show

By Yen Palec | Jun 29, 2016 02:47 PM EDT
Yumia Nakazato
(Photo : Twitter) Yuima Nakazato will take his work to the Paris Fashion Week in July.

Japanese fashion designer Yuima Nakazato is bringing his talent to the Paris Fashion Week this year. Nakazato is set to debut at the said fashion event in July.

Nakazato's scheduled appearance will make him the very first Japanese to be included in the event since the retirement designer Hanae Mori in 2004. Nakazato was invited as a "guest member" of the club, a title given to fashion artists who have passed the industry's rigorous screening test.

Nakazato is known for his use of themes about the universe and nature in his clothing. The 30-year-old fashion designer also uses original film material as well as 3D printed items to create his designs. The Japanese fashion icon is known for his themes such as anime warriors and Japan's mythological beings.

Among the most notable icons who have used Nakazato's design are Hollywood pop diva Lady Gaga and the popular Japanese boy band Exile.

The organizers of the Paris Fashion Week labeled Nakazato's work as a fusion of traditional Japanese culture, handicraft, and technology.

Born in the Japanese city of Tokyo, Nakazato was exposed to the world of art early in his life. He claims that his main influences are his father, who is a sculptor, and his mother, who works as a metal carver. Nakazato recalled his childhood home being filled with giant art objects.

Nakazato's interest in fashion started during his high school years when he read an article in Asahi Shimbun about Japanese students who have made a living at the Belgian Fashion Academy.

Inspired by this discovery, Nakazato studied at the same academy in his pursuit to create his distinct design. Following his graduation from the fashion academy, he started his fashion line in 2009.

Nakazato is mainly affiliated with Haute Couture, a type of fashion that is expensive and made-to-order. Most of his products are handmade.

In a statement, Nakazato said, "That's sort of the future of fashion that I am dreaming about."

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