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Seoul Korean Fashion Influenced Its International Market

By Roma | Nov 23, 2015 12:34 AM EST

Seoul has been busy this year, as South Korea makes its mark in the fashion industry.  From delivering a Chanel resort collection last May to holding different fashion events in October, the city is continually attracting big names in the fashion world.

The country continues to influence its neighboring market while also attracting international style seekers.  "Seoul is increasingly viewed as the burgeoning fashion market in Asia; it is, after all, the fourth fastest growing luxury goods economy after India, China and Hong Kong," according to the Telegraph. "It's the home of the hugely influential K-pop mania (Korean pop music is so beloved here, they blast it out of speakers on the street), it is the maker of the most influential TV soaps in Asia and sets its stall out as the leading arbiter of Asian taste."

The influence of its TV and pop stars also helped in the growing Korean fashion. Whatever these popular celebrities wear, it is automatic for their fans to follow. When Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun wore a pair of Jimmy Choo Abel court shoes in her TV show last year, the response of buyers for the said brand exceeded expectations. Stores had to reorder thousands of pairs just to cope with the growing demand.

While popular celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Tilda Swinton joined by international Brazilian super model Gisel and many other global editors become mostly interested in joining this new cultural hotspot, the country is also enjoying a two-way street from its international supporters.

Last month, organizers for the Hera Seoul Fashion Week saw the coming of European and American press and buyers to show the great potential of Korean designers. "Nobody knows about it outside of Korea. It's about time we expose ourselves," Kuho Jung, Prada sporting executive director said of the show. 

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