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Chinese Designer Miao Ran Gets Applauded at His Milan Fashion Week Debut

By Janice Cai | Jun 20, 2016 02:51 PM EDT

Chinese designer Mio Ran received applause on Saturday for his work at the Milan Male Fashion Week's Spring and Summer collection for 2017. This comes after Georgio Armani, who acknowledged Miao Ran's label last month at the prestigious and elite Armani Theater. 

Although it was Miao Ran's debut at the Milan Fashion Week Runway, many were very pleased with his work.  He was applauded for his outstanding designs on the runway. 

According to Chinatopix, Miao's bold cuts and exotic designs have been noticed and given positive reviews.  His designs would not only look good on men, but has successfully crossed the gender limits, making it a unisex design. 

During an interview with Xinhua, Miao revealed that he did extensive research on the materials he needed for the textures he aspired to create for each design.  He used rough denim, white poplin, sand-washed silk, feather light linen, and a mixture of cotton and metallic threads for his work at the Milan Male Fashion Week SS17.  His cuts were very precise because he utilized every possible technology and technique to create exciting and hip designs. 

Miao Ran stated that he would like to make the youth feel more empowered when they wear his designs.  That is why the creases and weaves of his designs are funky yet suitable to different styles.  He also aspires to break free from the gender labels.  Both men and women can comfortably wear his designs. 

Miao, 29, was born in Italy but moved to Milan Italy to enhance his designing talent.  He earned a Masters' degree at the prestigious design academy, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano.  While he was still a student in Milan, he was noticed by Marc Ledermann, CEO of Laureate Design Italy. 

"Miao Ran was a very visible talent already from the beginning," said Ledermann.

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