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Grace Wong’s New Perfumed Jewelry Line ‘Dearest Grace’ Already Reaping Profit

By J. Javelosa | Jun 17, 2016 07:15 AM EDT
Grace Wong
(Photo : Grace Wong/Instagram ) Grace Wong wearing one of her creations from Dearest Grace called Warrior.

Hong Kong actress Grace Wong recently launched a new perfumed jewelry line called Dearest Grace and has revealed that the business has been doing extremely well despite being only a month old.

Grace wanted to set up a business and decided to invest six figures along with her designer friend to create a unique jewelry line, which they called Dearest Grace. Although the business is still in its early stages, it is already raking in profits and has the potential for immense growth.

"We spent about a month to set everything up online. Fortunately, we are pulling in 6 figures in profit within the first month!" the actress proudly said.

She also revealed her plans to create more collections in the future and disclosed that she got inspiration from her celebrity friends. "I am really thankful for my good friends because they are my inspirations!"

Fellow actress Eliza Sam is said to have been the inspiration of Princess due to her sweet personality while Christine Kuo is the embodiment of Queen because of her elegance and charm.

Due to Leanne Li's caring nature and Linda Chung's beauty, they represent Angel and Goddess, respectively.

As for Grace? She said she represents Warrior because "I was never a goddess or a baby. I like to fight my way through things in life!"

Asked whether she has designed jewelry for her boyfriend and if they would collaborate in the future, Grace Wong explained that her boyfriend does not like wearing accessories and revealed that she does not "like to talk about business and numbers at home, so I am not going to ask him to be a part of my business.

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