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Environmentally Conscious Queenie Chu Reveals She’s not Into Luxury Brand Clothing, Promotes Sustainable Fashion

By J. Javelosa | Jun 14, 2016 09:40 AM EDT
Queenie Chu
(Photo : Queenie Chu/Instagram ) Queenie Chu is promoting sustainable fashion.

Hong Kong TVB actress and television presenter Queenie Chu recently revealed during a radio interview that she is not fond of the clothing of luxury brands.

The first runner-up in the Miss Hong Kong 2004 pageant was discussing fashion and financial management when she said that she prefers wearing things that she is comfortable in.

For someone who is considered an A-list celebrity, many have expressed surprise she does not really like luxury brand clothing.

"When filming for different dramas, I would wear the same outfit worn from other dramas. This can also save a lot of time and money," Queenie explained.

She added that she prefers wearing simple and casual clothing. Not only does doing so help her save money, but it also helps boost her down-to-earth image.

Queenie's affinity for simple clothing may be because she is environmentally conscious. She revealed that she creates DIY gifts and even comes up with new clothes made from old ones.

Queenie is one of the supporters of The EcoChic Design Award, which is described as  "the world's largest sustainable fashion design competition."

At the event, the 35-year old spoke about the competition, explaining that "the concept of caring for the planet through the designs is fabulous." She invited more people to support the cause.

"Sustainable fashion is important to our planet. Support now," Queenie said.

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