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Dior Opens First Online Boutique in Korea

By Charissa Echavez | Jun 10, 2016 09:20 AM EDT

European luxury brand Christian Dior SE, commonly known as Dior, officially launched its online store in Korean on Wednesday, Korea Times reported.

Besides the in-demand Lady Dior and Diorama bags collection, the premium brand's first online boutique in Asia will offer shoes such as loafers and espadrilles. Accessories including earrings and sunglasses will also be on sale. Furthermore, the latest products from the 2016 fall lineup will be available.

Dior targeted Korea's market because Koreans are interested in the latest fashion trends and are familiar with online shopping. The increasing demand of K-beauty and K-fashion also pushed Dior to make the decision.

Dior, however, is not the first foreign luxury brand to offer Koreans their products online. Gucci and Burberry have since launched their respective online boutiques in Korea while Salvatore Ferragamo is offering its products via online department stores.

In April, the French luxury brand sparked public outrage for an artwork which depicted Korean women as materialistic. The controversial advert was published on its flagship store in Seoul, Jakarta Post reported.

The piece entitled Korean Woman by artist Lee Wan shows a young woman holding a Lady Dior bag and standing along an unknown adult entertainment district with random surrounding signs.

According to culture critic Ha Jae-keun, the artwork seems to derogate Korean women as "kimchi-nyeo" or those who sell their bodies to possess material things. Ha Jae-keun added that the artwork is a "reflection of the misogyny that dominates in Korean society."

The exhibition also made rounds on the Internet where many questioned Dior's intention for publishing the controversial piece of art.

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