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BTS Member Jin Wore The Same Outfit As Jimin + The Reason Behind It Is Heartbreaking

By Staff Reporter | Apr 23, 2020 03:36 PM EDT

An image of Jimin and Jin from BTS emerged on social networking sites as supporters were reminded of a painful yet heartwarming tale about the clothes of those these members.

The poster disclosed at a live performance that they decided to wear the very same clothes after discovering out that Jimin had received numerous death threats from sasaengs while still on tour. Throughout the training session, an ARMY who had seen them before while doing the soundcheck was surprised to see them dressed similarly. 

"Jimin and Seokjin wore clothes very identical and also wore the same Tom Ford shades. I believe that the situation around Jimin made them dress the same. It seemed as though Jin was willing to sacrifice himself to secure Jimin from something that could happen. They were so identically clothed, that it had been difficult to say who was who. To do something for Jimin, I simply can not imagine what Jin was thinking. This is more than just attempting to keep him safe. It indicated just how real their shared partnership was."

It has been confirmed that the individual who sent threats of violence not only threatened with words but also posted pictures of their live show seat ticket to prove that they will be there.

Jimin obtained an inquiry about this incident during a media conference and admitted that he did not want to bother the supporters because they had been anticipating long enough for their return.

It was heartbreaking for supporters who saw him behave as if everything was normal when they knew just how terrified he had to be deep inside. Fans who recalled this event are still unable to forget this day and were grateful that nothing transpired.

"Jin is so brave, and he must have been scared too. This is what you call real friendship." 

"Don't know if I could do that for my best friend. They are amazing."

"I have goosebumps! I am so sad seeing them smiling in that photo." 

"The person who sent the threats stated that they would take action during Jimin's solo performance. Jimin later revealed in an interview that he thought he could possibly die from performing this song. The way he said it so calmly made many fans cry while watching the documentary."

"Jin must have been so upset as well."

"They really went through many obstacles before making it to the top. I respect them. I don't think I could have gotten on stage and performed after receiving death threats. Could I really dress like my member and protect them like that? BTS is really something that is more than family."

It's impossible to think about the challenges and struggles that BTS has endured over the years just by gazing at what they are doing now. Their ability to conquer these circumstances and keep getting on stage is mostly because of their caring fans.

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