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Taiwanese MV Producer Allegedly Plagiarized IU's "Palette" MV: Can You Identify The Similarities?

By Staff Reporter | Apr 23, 2020 03:30 PM EDT
(Photo : YouTube)

A music video producer for Taiwanese singer Elaine Ho has already spoken out on the plagiarism controversy and acknowledged similarities made from IU's "Palette" music video. The music video, which was recently released, garnered negative remarks due to its uncanny resemblance to the MV of the K-pop star. As soon as the music video for Elaine Ho's "To Love or Not" unveiled, online users can't help but talk about it and the singer. Fans also severely criticized the Taiwanese MV producer for copying IU's music video that was released in April 2017. The colors used, as well as the props that appeared, instantly reminded them of "Palette."

A fan commented, "IU's MV talks about the scenes of her real life, so why do they have to copy it?"

Meanwhile, Director Lee Rae Kyung, who directed the music video for "Palette," compared "To Love Or Not" and "Palette" side by side and pointed out the similarities between the two works. Director Lee went on to say, "People have been reporting a lot of music videos that plagiarized my music video these days, and I'm going to be dire because it's been around for a long time."

He then added, "That's enough for me if people who watch would recognize that it is my work. Thank you for all the information, support, and concern."

As the plagiarism controversy went on, Daniel Chun, the producer of the music video for "To Love Or Not," posted on his Instagram account, "I'm sorry for causing trouble about this. We referred to many images, and among them was IU's "Palette" music video made by Director Lee Rae Kyung. But I didn't mean to plagiarize. There are many similarities between music video elements and styles. I apologize. Forgive me. Your work is really cool. I hope you understand." 

Daniel Chun is an actor in Taiwan, and he made his debut as a music video director through his work. He posted comments on the official YouTube channel of Elaine Ho and released a video that he referred to as the process of producing the music video. Among the videos listed were IU's "Palette" and Groovyroom's "Sunday" MVs. The mentioned singer still has not made much of a position on the controversy.

Thus, claiming that it was not fully plagiarized, rather, IU's "Palette" MV became an inspiration for them to come up with the Taiwanese singer's MV. 

In more recent news, IU was confirmed to appear on Lee Byung-hun's new film "Dream," which is being anticipated by Uaenas, following the success of her recent K-drama, "Hotel Del Luna."

"Dream" is a cheerful drama about Hong Dae, to be played by Park Seo Jun, who will have the role of a soccer player who is in the biggest crisis of his career. It is well-known as a work prepared by director Lee Byung-hun for a long time. Holding the hands of 10 million director Lee Byung-hun, expectations are high on what the new side Lee Hyun-woo will show. It is expected to show a deft comedy performance that has met Lee's unique taste of words.

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