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Find Out the Reasons Why Heechul Quit Using Social Media Because of Sulli and Goo Hara

By Staff Reporter | Apr 21, 2020 05:43 PM EDT

Malicious Comments About Sulli and Hara Became one of the Reason Why Heechul Quits Social Media

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Super Junior's Kim Hee Chul said he was shocked by the appearance of dual haters after the loss of his closest friends, Sulli and Goo Hara. The idol appeared on JTBC's "The Love of 7.7 Billion," which aired on the 20th of April. The episode tackled featured first-generation creators and their wives to talk about malicious comments that are made online.

On the day of the release of its new episode, Kim Hee Chul talked about the sad news of the death of Sulli and Goo Hara, which was reported to have been affected because of harsh comments.

 "I am close with my two friends, but what made me the angry after going through them was that these days, people divide genders for them to fight? Men say hurtful things to their two friends for sexual harassment and shame them while women would call them embarrassment while they keep on blaming each other back and forth, say outrageous things as "female disgrace."

The artist has been able to speak up his point as a panel on the show. As Hee Chul added, he got shocked to see comments online to post a condolences message, and some are seen to be ripping each other apart.

He continued his statement as he voiced himself out, "I said I wanted to be a celebrity for the rest of my life, and it reached the point where I even asked for advice from [Shin Dong Yup]. And there, I cut off all of my official social media accounts," he said. Hee Chul uttered that every time he sees a negative comment, it makes him heave in disbelief.

"There was also a time that a show about malicious comments with Shin Dong Yup was planned and my friend wanted to come. Contrary to what I was worried about, that she would not be happy to continue doing the program, however, she seems fine and happy to continue shooting the program."

 "And sometimes I think the energy of working on things with others is okay after losing self-confidence and having the thought that she is a human that is not needed in the world. "

"But after a talk with Hyung (Shin Dong Yup) and the fans, I think she liked the energy when she solved it with other people," he said. "She confidently overcame it and waited for the filming day. All of her friends know," he proclaimed, drawing regret.

After this statement, Shin Dong Yup was seen tearing up and continued how he clearly remembers it, and how it hurt him so much. "I questioned her when was she the happiest, and she gave me an answer, 'there was never a time that I was delighted.' How difficult it must have been for her to say that she was never really happy."

The idol still has not got over on how he kept on getting harsh comments because of the recent confirmation of his relationship with TWICE's Momo, that the two even have been suspiciously non-stop teased by talk show hosts wherever they appear in. But, the whole K-pop fans have had enough of the situation and normalize the two of them dating. Hee Chul's closest friends may have lost so early for their life, but following their deaths, there have been called for new legislation to fight for malicious comments made by people online.

Thus, continuing their legacy to protect women's right even if they are not here physically anymore.

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