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Seulgi and Irene To Form the First Ever Subunit From Red Velvet

By Staff Reporter | Apr 21, 2020 05:40 PM EDT
Seulgi and Irene Confirmed to be The First Ever Unit Formed From Red Velvet
(Photo : Twitter)

ReVeluvs! How are you feeling?

The girl group Red Velvet members Seulgi and Irene have officially announced that they are now preparing to make their debut as the first-ever unit for the group. On the 20th of April, SM Entertainment confirmed the news. 

This agency announced that a subunit will be made from the group Red Velvet. The two members of the "Princess of Concepts," Irene and Seulgi, recently confirmed their duo unit debut and began their full-fledged preparations regarding their new music to be released soon. Although the exact schedule has yet to be confirmed, the company, SM Entertainment has said that they are reportedly working hard to prepare for the final touches of the album.

The subunit is a tea-and-biscuit perfect combo that fans have long wanted, and are expected to generate explosive responses from fans nationally and abroad. Before their debut, the two had been introduced to be a part of their first unit of SM Rookies as SR14G Seulgi & Irene. At that time, the two, who reinterpreted SES's "Be Natural" drew attention even before their debut with their energetic yet sensuous performances back in March 2014.

Finally the time has come after six years of their debut, the Seulgi and Irene duet is drawing attention as such a "stunning unit" made as of this moment. Which shows that fans have high expectations on how Red Velvet's first unit will grow, which is fully equipped with everything from beautiful visuals, colorful performances to outstanding singing skills and global-loving charms, which will undoubtedly write a new record of the unit in South Korea.

On a piece of much more recent news, The movie "Trolls: World Tour," which is directed by Walt Dorne and David P. Smith, has released an official clip of Red Velvet's as "The Kpop Trolls." "Trolls: World Tour" is a film about an extreme music battle taking place in six trolls villages which consists of pop, rock, classical, country, punk and of course, techno.

In the particularly released video, the colorful-looking K-pop troll, which has hair color tailored to the image colors of Red Velvet members. This offers a unique fun to find characters of the members namely, "Baby Bun" which is Irene with Pink hair, "Gomdori" which is Seulgi with Yellow hair, "Wani" is Wendy with the Blue hair, "Ari" is Joy with the Green hair, and "Kim Petit" which is Yeri with Purple hair.

Also, the K-pop troll who says "guide us to Queen Poppy" and the reggaeton troll who suggest a dance battle to stop it raise curiosity about the secret mission the K-pop troll takes on in "Troll: World Tour" and the music intermission they will perform.

Red Velvet who recently concluded their ReVe Festival trilogy on December 2019, and will take over the cinemas with "Trolls: World Tour" that is going to be released on May 29. Plus, more music coming your way for the fresh unit by Seulgi and Irene. Stay tuned!

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