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SuperM, WayV, NCT Dream, and NCT 127 to Kick Off "Beyond Live" Online Concert

By Staff Reporter | Apr 21, 2020 05:39 PM EDT
SuperM, WayV, NCT Dream, and NCT 127 to Kick Off
(Photo : Twitter)

K-pop boy bands from SM Entertainment will be having their appearance on "Beyond Live," a live concert service in collaboration with Naver, which will be presented through V Live and Beyond Live.

On the 21st of April, SM Entertainment announced the online concert line-up list, which will happen for four consecutive weeks, starting on the 26th of this month.

The groups included are SuperM, WayV, and the two sub-units of NCT: Dream and 127. In the first week, SuperM is set to showcase their avenger-like performance, and Mpire (SuperM's unofficial fandom name) are expecting to see them "popping and jumping" with the viewers through their hit song "Jopping."

They are followed by WayV, the Chinese group and sub-unit of NCT. WayV is the first group from SM Entertainment composed of Chinese members and is actively promoting in China. The group is set to have their concert on the 3rd of May.

In addition, NCT Dream is next to WayV, which recently announced their comeback. Fans of the 00' liners were delighted after they were announced by the agency that they "will not graduate" and will be reunited with Mark through a new sub-unit that SM Entertainment is forming, similar to NCT U. Their concert schedule will be on the 10th of May.

And lastly, NCT 127 will be the fourth group to perform for "Beyond Live" on the 17th of May. The group recently returned with their track "Kick It" and draw fans' attention due to their catchy songs and unique, powerful choreographies.

Meanwhile, "Beyond Live" is an online concert streaming service created by SM and Naver, which is a part of their latest global business agreement. Instead of broadcasting offline performances online or broadcasting existing performances, the concert will be newly introduced in the form of optimized online.

Fans communicate with artists through digital cheering sticks and real-time comments. In the future, not only domestic artists such as K-pop artists but foreign artists are also expected to perform through the platform, based on SM Entertainment confirmation.

"SuperM - Beyond the Future," a performance of SuperM's "Beyond Live," will broadcast live worldwide on Naver V LIVE at 3 PM KST on the 26th. Tickets will be purchased on Naver V Live Plus, and packages consisting of tickets and MD products will be bought at Yes24.

On the other hand, SuperM is the center of interest of the global market, following their successful eight-hour live stream "One World: Together at Home," which broadcasted on the 19th, where they presented their new song "With You."

Several international media praised the charity broadcast due to their unique concept of presenting and communicating with fans, showcasing their talent at cooking, painting, exercising, joining the huge superstars' Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones.

MTV then wrote, "The group's comfortable virtual performance reminds us that no matter how far we physically are, we will find a way to do #Together at Home."

Due to this, the popularity and success of the avenger group, consists of members from SHINee, EXO, NCT, and WayV, is still expanding globally, which is the target of SM Entertainment and Capitol Records.

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