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MONSTA X Jooheon Bonds with Rookie Boyband CRAVITY

By Staff Reporter | Apr 21, 2020 05:34 PM EDT
MONSTA X Jooheon Bonds with Rookie Boyband CRAVITY
(Photo : Starship Entertainment)

MONSTA X Jooheon paved a visit to Starship's newest boy band, CRAVITY.

The senior KPOP idol showed his friendliness to the junior idols who seem to love his company. Jooheon is setting a standard on how to become a big brother to the new ones. They took some pictures together and an aura of camaraderie is evident between the boys.

Starship Entertainment shared such photos on Thursday through their official SNS and it generated a lot of positive comments from the mob who mentioned that Jooheon and CRAVITY has a good chemistry together. In the pictures, the MONSTA X member is wearing casual attires and a facial mask while the younger boys were on their stage costumes and surrounding him with happy smiles.

Earlier, Joo-heon introduced the members of CRAVITY along with their first album "CRAVITY SEASON1. [HIDEOUT: REEMEMBER WHO WE ARE]" with their carrier single, "Jumper". The boys also expressed their gratefulness for Jooheon's effort during their debut stage. It signifies how senior and junior relationship takes place in Starship Entertainment. "We are deeply moved by your guidance and for taking care of us," said one CRAVITY member.

Aside from that, Jooheon surprised CRAVITY by visiting them inside the music broadcast site, showing how much he is supporting the rookies. He also cheered the boys while on stage through encouragement as well as coaching them on how to properly acquire great stage presence.

Jooheon, who showed off his warm chemistry with CRAVITY, is a member of the group MONSTA X, which has grown into a global artist, and has shown outstanding performances in many ways; including rap making, self-composed songs, and mix tape presentations. The band will release their new album "FANTASIA X" on May 11 as a comeback for this year.

Cravity is composed of Serim, Allen, Jung Mo, Woo Bin, Won Jin, Min Hee, Hyeong Jun, Tae Young and Sung Min is the newest addition to Starship's KPOP idol groups in 2020. They have topped the daily Hanteo Chart, iTunes, Top K-pop album chart for seven regions and ranked number three in 12 regions and fourth in the World Wide iTunes album chart.

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