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Check Out the Jawdropping List of K-pop's Best Dark Music Video Concepts

By Staff Reporter | Apr 10, 2020 03:35 PM EDT
(Photo : Image by StockSnap from Pixabay )

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

It's always thrilling when there is a comeback from your favorite K-pop artist. While there are very intriguing ideas on what could be the concept of the comeback of your faves, it's oddly good to see darker chills in K-pop's vibrant world.

We bring you the jawdropping list of K-pop's best dark music video concepts from your beloved idols!


Happyface Entertainment gave a relaunch to one of their girl bands, renaming them Dreamcatcher.

The current lineup has debuted with an eerie theme, also releasing their first album, titled "Nightmare" on Friday 13th!

The opening of "Chase Me" did sound somber, with the song introduced by the lone piano melody. Though, when the singing commences, surprisingly, the song's tempo becomes very fast! The MV's concept is that a ghosthunter comes into a building seeking to capture the girls who are the ghosts.

Another remarkable thing is that the track's genre sounds like J-rock, being high-energy and driven by riffs from an electric guitar. The 'Chase Me' chorus is where this is especially evident. It is also fascinating to see a group of powerful women making good use of a concept pretty much unseen in the industry.


Following Dreamcatcher, VIXX is renowned for its darker themes. "Voodoo Doll" was one of their most ominous music videos, and it's astounding! As for the MV as a storyline, if you acknowledge some of the other elements of the film, the female character is quite intriguing.

The MV is loaded with body modification and sadism elements, two aspects that are not widely recognized in K-pop on this level.

It also makes the character have an intensity as opposed to being just a girl who imprisons beautiful boys. In particular, she is modifying their skin, attaching metal and glass ornaments that speak to deeper intentions than pure revenge.


The girls shared their concepts for their song Peek-A-Boo.

"We've been working hard to portray a mature and sophisticated image. We wanted to show something fresh and show the different side of our group."

"It has some aspects of suspense to it. We wanted to convey a mysterious theme."

"Countless times, I had to tape my laughing audio, but the final MV featured the audio taken from the initial demonstration. I think they wanted to cut my voice because it was too high," shared Joy.


She is rewriting Eve as not the hateful woman in Genesis and the "Paradise Lost" of John Milton, who has misled God and thereby denied Heaven causing suffering and death, but as a woman who has taken her direction and practiced her free will to build out her destiny.

To completely understand the idea and message Gain is trying to convey, we must first grasp the roots of the portrayed narratives.

"Paradise Lost" is an enigmatic artistic masterpiece that blends art and music effortlessly. Before her time, Gain has been without hesitation an artist.


As for "Monster," Baekhyun said, "There's a twist. The MV is about making us into warriors to combat those who attack us. I'm leaving out in the middle of the MV and would appear as a traitor."

He added, "I am the only one who has no traces of blood, which made me look like even more of a total traitor, but in the end, I discover the members 'secret escape route. I'm a double spy, actually."

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