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Which Iconic K-Pop Song is Truly Deserving to be “K-pop’s National Anthem?"

By Staff Reporter | Apr 08, 2020 11:18 PM EDT
No need to explain. Just turn on your stereo and growl!
(Photo : YouTube)

Given the overflowing impact of K-pop around the world, there is no chance we'll be able to decide which K-pop song from this decade and beyond truly represents the Hallyu wave as a whole

While we're at it, here are some iconic K-pop songs that are deserving to be dubbed as the unofficial national anthem of South Korea.

EXO - Growl

No need to explain. Just turn on your stereo and growl!

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong

Have you ever heard of music that sounds nonsense but make sense? SHINee has that charm, and if you don't know Ring Ding Dong then...what cave have you been living in?

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

This hit from Super Junior that was released back on March 9, 2009 is the song that everyone knows (yes, even your non-K-pop pal), and it has been covered by quite an amount of times by idol groups over the years.


The massive response from fans and non-fans that this song had brought was crazy. This was the song that made 2NE1 known all around the world, and you should be, too!

BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby

Wow, Fantastic Baby! The catchy hook gives off a nostalgic feeling on how BIGBANG made everyone stand on their feet and dance to the song with a match of headbanging. This deserves to be a K-pop anthem, for sure! 

Girls' Generation - I Got A Boy

Girls' Generation shouldn't be out of this list! In 2009, this track earned 14 music show wins for their comeback. To date, they are still considered as queens and one of the biggest girl groups in the industry. 

Rain - Rainism

Every idol group existing today already started to have already tried covering this song - from EXO to BTS and even Dahyun from TWICE. Rain's, being one of the most respected seniors, Rainism should also be included as one of the best songs from the first generation idols in Korea.

BLACKPINK - Boombayah

Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa have reached their peak as soon as they debuted with the song Boombayah. This upbeat and hip song from 2016 is something that everyone would love to listen to in the morning for a more energetic start of the day.

iKON - Love Scenario

Back when this song by iKON was released in 2017, this has taken over many fans and non-fans with its catchy lyrics and melodies that can be stuck in your head for a pretty long time. One of the iconic songs made by iKON, this won the Song of The Year award in MMA 2018, which also marked as their first-ever daesang!

TWICE - Cheer Up

Filled with Sana's iconic aegyo, "Shy, shy, shy,"  TWICE is known for their upbeat melodies and colorful music videos, which made everyone turn as ONCEs. Cheer Up was released in 2017 and made everyone dance to the tunes, with matching cheerleader grooves, which makes it iconic for TWICE, as well.

BTS - Boy In Luv

BTS! "Why are you shaking up my heart?" ARMYs already had their hearts shaken since 2014 for their song Boy In Luv that everyone in Korea knows and has been using to express a strong machismo. It must be included on the list!

ZICO - Anysong

For sure, you have already heard of the #AnysongChallenge, or have done it as well. Created by the one and only Zico, this song has reached 1st of daily, real-time, and even weekly charts on major online music in Korea and all around the world, too!

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