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What Makes BLACKPINK Lisa a Great Dance Teacher in "Youth with You"

By Staff Reporter | Apr 01, 2020 06:35 PM EDT

Dance Mentor Lisa(Photo : Instagram)
Dance Mentor Lisa

Recently, "Youth with You" Season 2 started airing on-screen of which BLACKPINK's Lisa placed herself as a dance mentor.

The mob got excited to see that the Thai-born K-pop idol, who is known for her hard work as a foreign trainee, has finally claimed a seat as one of the judges of the said reality show. Added to that, her performance as a mentor is given applause as she exhibits 5 traits that are fit-perfect to be called as a "great dance teacher."

Dance Mentor Lisa

(Photo : Instagram)
Dance Mentor Lisa

Lisa cheers up the trainees

Lisa wrote a letter to all the aspiring idols when she first read their stories. Her heartwarming message is something that will inspire someone who has doubts about the competition. She was a trainee herself, and she knows that every girl needs a push. Thus, this exhibits a good attitude of a teacher.

Lisa knows her craft

They say, "A teacher can't teach what he or she does not know". A tiny mistake that is normally unnoticeable by the audience is something that she found incorrect. From the slightest improper body posture to the facial expression; Lisa witnessed it. She simply knows what she is doing.

Lisa Corrects and Models for them

She may seem too strict to see every single error a trainee commits on the dance floor; but, she pursues it even if it will dismay them. Nonetheless, she models for them, to make sure that while they are being corrected, proper guidance follows to make sure that they will perform well next.

Lisa praises them when necessary

In one of the dance mentoring sessions, Lisa applauded an improvement done by the trainees. With this, she sweetly gave them hugs where the girls felt lucky. Being embraced by one of the most influential and well-known K-pop idol of this generation is something that will never happen daily.

Lisa teaches with a heart

Her love for dancing took her to the pedestal of success. Several times, her fans would say that she is a "dance machine" as her exemplary move is something not an ordinary person can do. With this, she can present her passion to her trainees. Teaching they say is a passion, and Lisa's fervor for her craft makes her a great mentor.

It has been a long journey for Lisa, and she still keeps on moving forward to achieve her goals and to enjoy the fame of a K-pop idol. Given the opportunity to hone the talents of the younger generation of idols is a tremendous privilege to not just accelerate her exposure as an artist, but to hand-over, the gift in dancing bestowed on her to the future KPOP stars; making her a great dance teacher.

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