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Psy’s Father's Expensive Property Rumored as Purchased Money from Cult

By Staff Reporter | Mar 30, 2020 06:36 PM EDT

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Psy's father bought an astonishing 4.3 billion KRW, or about $3.5 million, building and netizens are gossiping about where the purchasing fund came from. The sensational K-pop artist Psy is now being dragged to a rumor involving Park Won Ho. It was after the said in-laws bought a very pricey building in Sungsudong that was previously owned by Lotte Giants pitcher Song Seung Jun. Sold for 4.2 billion KRW in January of this year, this made a huge buzz among the citizens.The said location of the building is near the properties of other celebrities such as Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Jung Hyun, Won Bin, Zico, and many more.

Psy's father is the current founder and president of a global IT company, therefore, it might be given that one might not underestimate the said purchased. However, speculations came out wherein some are saying that the money used came from Shincheonji cult.

South Korea's Shincheonji Church made a huge noise in the height of the coronavirus outbreak in the nation. People are blaming that the focal point where the virus began its rapid spread come from the said religious group. A huge number of positive cases belong to members of the mentioned cult.

Nevertheless, Shincheonji Church apologized for its participation in the said outbreak and since has been cooperating with authorities.

Although it is not directly Psy who is being rumored for such a suspicious act, being a well-known celebrity caused him some judgments among the eyes of the netizens. Some questioned his father that the source of the fund might come from the said cult and one even mentioned that "birds of the same feather flock together."

Park Jae-sang, his real name, was born with a silver spoon as his father, Park Won Ho, who is an affluent man in Gangnam, Seoul. His mother, Kim Young-hee, is also a businesswoman who owns a number of restaurants in the said area too.

Psy's hit single "Gangnam Style" is one of the most viewed MVs on YouTube to date and on top of other K-pop artists'. With this, his income is paralleled to his net multi-million dollar net worth.

Still, netizens are throwing allegations towards the K-pop artist's father and would not consider their innate richness to be the source of funds in purchasing the pricey building Park Won Ho recently bought.

Earlier, Psy's father-in-law was allegedly accused of being in connection with Shincheonji Church of which he left no-comment about the issue. He chose to keep mum over these rumors as of the moment.

However, this silence is convincing the mob that he might know something that should not be declared, thus speculations are still heightened as of the moment.

Psy is married to Yoo Hye Yeon who was his girlfriend for three years before they tied the knot. She is noted to be a good violinist. Both have twin daughters. Regardless of his fame and success, he managed to keep his private life from the eyes of the media.

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