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YG Entertainment Speculated for Bribing Writers with 100 Million KRW to Eliminate Seungri News

By Staff Reporter | Mar 30, 2020 06:22 PM EDT
YG Entertainment / Public domain
(Photo : YG Entertainment / Public domain)

YG Entertainment was accused of bribing a writer for $100 million KRW ($81,708 USD) to prevent him from publishing articles regarding the drunk driving and drug issue of Seungri.

According to SBS FunE's exclusive report, the suspicion has re-emerged that YG Entertainment has given a monetary bribe of a total of 100 million KRW ($81,708 USD) to a journalist named "Kim," who prepared to release Seungri reports in 2017 on suspected drunk driving and drug cases.

In February 2019, a press outlet recorded YG Entertainment in a settlement controversy paying out 100 million KRW, but YG Entertainment denied these allegations. However, the journalist "Kim" vowed to take punitive action against the news media outlet because of the rumors it has spread. However, several thorough confessions have been given from others that claiming that reporter "Kim" has directly been informed about the money collected from YG Entertainment.

A colleague of "Kim" informed SBS FunE regarding the journalist receiving the money in two bags.

"Former journalist "Kim" made it clear how he received 2 bread bags in a playground filled with money. There are many other people who have heard him mention that too.

He stated 'perhaps because it's in 50,000 KRW bills, but it isn't as big as I anticipated.' He also described how he would go home and count it with his mom."

Another source close to "Kim" discussed how "Kim" thought regarding his financial plans.

"Kim" spoke about how he got a total of 100 million KRW. He said he would use the money to settle the Jeonse debt he took when he migrated to Mokdong.

YG Entertainment proposed 10 million KRW for the first time, and he declined but agreed when offering 100 million KRW. "Kim" spoke about how much money they have, and that they should've increased their bid. "Kim" tried to fight Yang Hyun Suk to the end, but Yang Min Suk took part in negotiations." acquaintance B said.

A third colleague recalled how "Kim" also presented him with the arrangement that he and YG Entertainment created.

"Kim" boasted, without even questioning, that he got some $100 million from YG. He also grabbed his phone out and presented what seemed like a contract. Not precisely ~100 million KRW was the figure on the deal, it was more like 90-something million." said colleague C.

A fourth colleague eventually came forward to disclose their encounter with "Kim."

"As 'Kim' speaks about the approximately 100 million KRW he received from YG Entertainment, he claimed he did not get it from YG, but rather from Chairman Won." said colleague D

Chairman Won is rumored of being Won Young Shik, a major name in stock trading which is similar to Yang Hyun Suk.

Although "Kim" attempted to take legal proceedings against the mainstream media outlet which first published the story, SBS FunE has stated that no civil action has ever been initiated after more than 13 months. SBS FunE has requested clarification from YG Entertainment regarding this case but has yet to receive any response.

A lawyer advised that "Kim" will receive the prosecution if the charges are proven to be true.

"If the allegation is real, bribery itself compromises Article 8 of the Kim Young Ran (Anti-Bribery) rule. He may be jailed for up to 3 years and fined for some 30 million KRW. When this is proven to be connected to his profession then the sentence will be severe.

Moreover, if it is confirmed that he knowingly received a substantial amount of money for not releasing reports, it may be professional misconduct that carries a maximum of up to 5 years imprisonment and around $10 million KRW in fees," said Lawyer Na Hyun Ho.

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