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Highlight's Yang Yoseob dating musical actress Shin Go Eun? Around Us Entertainment responds

By Louise Bonquin | May 17, 2017 08:19 AM EDT
Highlight's Yang Yoseob on the stage of "Robin Hood" musical.
(Photo : i-du.net/YouTube) Highlight's Yang Yoseob on the stage of "Robin Hood" musical.

Highlight's Yang Yoseob is caught up in dating rumors with musical actress Shin Go Eun. The two have been said to be in a relationship after getting close when they previously worked together in the musical titled "Those Days."

In addition, reports stated that the pair got even closer as they both have pet dogs. It was also revealed that there were insiders who attested that Yoseob and Shin Go Eun are dating and even said that the relationship began not long after their musical started its run.

Now, as soon as the news came out on May 16, Around Us Entertainment released its official statement to deny the rumors. "We asked Yoseob and it is true that those rumors were going around in the industry, however, they're just friends," Allkpop quoted the agency rep as saying.

The agency further explained that the rumors are totally groundless. Around Us firmly stated that Yang Yoseob and Shin Go Eun are just friendly colleagues who met due to their work as musical actors.

Then again, there were people who belied the statement and said that the news are all true. One even commented, "Everyone in the musical industry knows already because of how close and lovey they are usually."

The pair played a couple in the "Those Days" musical where their acting and stage chemistry were highly praised by the audience. With their great rapport and chemistry, people around them are convinced that they developed romantic feelings for each other, thus they started to date.

At any rate, Yang Yoseob debuted as a musical actor via the play "Gwanghwamun Yeonga" in 2011. He went on with his musical career and starred in various hit musicals such as "Robin Hood," "Full House," "Cinderella," "Zorro" and more, Segye Ilbo reported. "Those days" was his latest work and it was on stage for four weeks only, from Feb. 7 to March 5.

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