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Song Hye Kyo reveals life-threatening experience with former manager

By Staff Reporter | May 16, 2017 11:27 PM EDT
'Descendants of the Sun' actress Song Hye Kyo attends a fashion event in London.
(Photo : Getty Images/Ian Gavan) 'Descendants of the Sun' actress Song Hye Kyo attends a fashion event in London.

Whoever said having a celebrity status is all about glamour and fame should reconsider this perception and find out what these stars had to go through while in the entertainment business.

While most of us think our favorite artists are living a perfect life, Song Hye Kyo and other celebrities can prove that popularity comes at a hefty price. In fact, the actress previously had a spine-chilling experience with her former manager who allegedly threatened her life.

According to Koreaboo, Song Hye Kyo's mother received a death threat from her daughter's former manager back in 2005. The perpetrator reported asked for over 220,000 USD in exchange for the artist's safety.

"If you don't send me 250 million KRW, then I'll pour acid on you and Song Hye Kyo's body," the former manager wrote. "If you don't want to see your daughter's body rotting and melting for the rest of your life, then you should really think about it."

Song Hye Kyo's mother refused to comply with this request, instead, she asked the actress to transfer to a different place and reported the death threat to the police authorities.

Upon investigation, it was found out that the sender was Song Hye Kyo's former manager who was fired from the agency for allegedly spending her artist's earnings from photo shoots.

The culprit was close to Song Hye Kyo and her family that she even lived with her then-manager for three years. After learning the person behind the threat, the actress and her mother could not believe that the doer was someone they have considered a family.

Song Hye Kyo's mother even refused to file charges against the perpetrator despite his life-threatening warning.

Not only actors, idols are also getting death threats from anti-fans. In March, Jimin of BTS was the subject of an unknown netizen who warned to kill the idol in one of their overseas shows as per Soompi.

Although the threats were not proven serious, Big Hit Entertainment tightened the security at BTS shows here and abroad. 

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