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‘Goblin’ actress Yoo In Na shares hilarious US vacation with IU

By Riezel | May 16, 2017 09:24 AM EDT
IU and Yoo In Na Spent This Valentine’s Day Together On A Cute Date
(Photo : YouTube/Top Korean News) IU and Yoo In Na Spent This Valentine’s Day Together On A Cute Date

Actress Yoo In Na recently shared their funny and memorable United States vacation with her best friend. The 34-year old actress was accompanied by IU during the trip.

On May 15, Yoo appeared on her best friend's new radio show "Lee Soo Ji's Song Plaza." During the broadcast, the actress was asked if she had gone on vacation after filming her tvN hit drama "Goblin."

"I went to the States and Jeju Island with IU," she revealed as reported by Soompi. She then went on to explain that they always try to have a certain concept during their vacation but it never works out since they became too busy playing around.

"Don't some people recognize you if you're with IU? DJ Soo Ji asked. The "Goblin" actress then playfully replied, "It's comfortable going around with IU. People mistake us as elementary and middle school students in America."

Meanwhile, IU's bodyguard who's been by her side for the past six years has recently caught the eyes of the masses. Various images featuring Mr. Park surfaced online in a community board, Allkpop reported.

In one of the photos, the handy bodyguard can be seen looking after the singer with his tall stature, roughly 20 centimeters more than IU. And just recently, he expressed his support to the "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo" actress latest album through his social media page.

One fan then commented, "He seems like a cool bodyguard and IU's cool for sticking with the same person for all these years." Another one stated, "I wish he can protect IU for a very long time," and so on.

"Palette" marks IU's fourth Korean-language studio album produced by LOEN Entertainment under it imprint Fave Entertainment. The album was released on Apr. 21 with its single "Palette."

Catch IU in her latest single "Palette" below:

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