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'Rick and Morty' promoting 'Alien: Covenant' is a sci-fi proposition in the making

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | May 14, 2017 12:46 PM EDT
Rick got caught by a baby Xenomorph
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Adult Swim) Rick got caught by a baby Xenomorph

"Rick and Morty" surprised fans with a season three premiere on April Fool's day. But since the show have been relatively quiet, anything new from the popular animated series is a welcome addition - including a smart plug for the film "Alien: Covenant."

A Crossover in Intergalactic Proportions

Rick Sanchez's space and inter-dimension adventure is an epic story in itself and the Sigourney Weaver-led space horror film in the 70s is also talked about in the same vein. Although they slightly differ in medium, their worlds colliding could be a cool proposition. According to Uproxx, the recent plug from Adult Swim network explores the possibility.

Rick and his grandson Morty are in their spaceship and they are on their way to another spaceship. While checking out the space craft, Rick was attacked by a small alien but instead of dying, the alien actually died. According to Rick, the alien "died of toxicity" due to his drug and alcohol addiction. Morty also retorted that his addition this time has actually saved his life.

While highly unlikely, "Rick and Morty" checking-in with the space horror franchise could be a really funny turn as they randomly get out of trouble and jump into another diversion before the killer aliens get them. They could even check-in on Sigourney Weaver and tell warn her of all the bad decisions they made in the original film series.

A Prequel Trilogy

On the other hand, "Alien: Covenant" looks to continue Ridley Scott's story that eventually led to the 70's epic movie series. However, Digital Spy reports that Scott has considered the first of the prequel series a mere afterthought as the upcoming film becomes a true sequel which could end up as a trilogy.

Michael Fassbender returns as one of the survivors in the first film as well as the android in the spaceship Covenant. Watch the "Rick and Morty" plug for the "Alien: Covenant" below:

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