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Super Junior’s Yesung turns emotional at ‘Spring Rain’ concert for this reason

By diana | May 13, 2017 11:27 PM EDT
Super Junior's Yesung in the official music video of 'Hibernation.'
(Photo : YouTube/SMTOWN) Super Junior's Yesung in the official music video of 'Hibernation.'

Yesung failed to hold back his tears during a recent concert in Seoul where he opened up how he misses a certain person he has not seen for a long time.

On Saturday, thousands of fans witnessed Yesung's soft side after he sang Ryeowook's "The Little Prince" at his "Spring Rain" concert. Apparently, he was missing his Super Junior co-member who is currently serving his military duties.

"I decided to to pick Ryeowook's song because he's in the army right now and he probably misses you all. I sang it because I miss him too," an emotional Yesung said as per Soompi.

He also performed "At The Time" for Kyuhyun who is also set to enlist as a public servant on May 23. Yesung opened up these two Super Junior members are dear to him that he decided to dedicate a performance for them.

"While I was singing, the people I'm grateful for appeared in front of my eyes. I was taken back to the memories of being in the army, and I thought about how grateful I am to you all," the idol said while tearing up.

Previously, Yesung personally shared a sweet poem written by Ryeowook while inside the military. The former, through his Twitter account, uploaded the piece and captioned, "My little brother Ryeowook wrote a poem for ELF."

The poem, titled "Blue Star," was about Ryeowook's longing see his supporters. The Super Junior member even asked if the fans can still remember the voice they have not heard for a long time.

"With the winds that are warming / With the memories that continue to flow / I hope you're doing well / I hope we meet again in good health," he wrote.

Kyuhyun, on the other hand, will release a farewell single before he begins his service. Earlier reports stated "Goodbye for Now" will be released in Korean, Chinese and Japanese on May 24 at 6:00 pm (KST). 

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