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Triple H explains meaning behind ‘365 Fresh’ amidst surging criticisms

By diana | May 13, 2017 02:07 AM EDT
Triple H's E'Dawn, Hui and HyunA in the official music video of '365 Fresh.'
(Photo : YouTube/1theK) Triple H's E'Dawn, Hui and HyunA in the official music video of '365 Fresh.'

Co-ed group Triple H is currently under fire for the official music video of their newest single titled "365 Fresh" which was deemed suggestive by the netizens.

Some of the scenes pointed out by critics include HyunA's provocative image and murder scene, kiss scenes between the members, E'Dawn's suicide attempts, and the trio's bed scene.

Most netizens are worried that these pictures will have a negative impact on the young people, while others argued that those were just part of the concept. Nonetheless, Triple H was not spared from being the subject of online criticisms and backlash.

HyunA, on the other hand, said their only intention was to create something new and not to please everyone. Since "365 Fresh" MV was meant for the youth, the former Wonder Girls member thought the idea has to speak about reality.

"Frankly speaking, we expected this kind of reaction," she told Korea Herald. "But all we wanted to portray in the music video were the convoluted emotions of unstable youths who constantly fail to settle down."

"I hope viewers can focus on how we tried to deliver those specific emotions and how our story unfolds in the video," HyunA explained, adding that they can do nothing about other people's interpretation of the "365 Fresh" MV.

Meanwhile, Hui of Pentagon refused to give his two cents on the issue, but rather talked about his experience while filming the controversial music video.

"I actually enjoyed acting in the video a lot. The last scene of the video, where the three of us run from the cops, was the most thrilling part. It still gives me goosebumps," he shared.

The male singer also expressed his desire to debut in the acting industry. E'Dawn revealed he had to lose some weight to play his character in the music video. Similarly, HyunA was asked about her sexy image which often puts her under fire.

"My image is what I have built for the last 10 years as a singer. I can't just lose it, because that's who I am," the female singer firmly said.

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