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‘God Of War’ 4 news and update: Game’s development getting better

By Daniela Lozano | May 12, 2017 07:21 PM EDT
God Of War PS4 Reboot Devs Reach “Very Exciting Milestone” With Game
(Photo : Getty Images/ David McNew) The director at Sony Interactive Entertainment's Santa Monica Studios, Cory Barlog, had recently revealed that the game has reached a stage where it can be read from the start to the end but it requires certain final adjustments and edits before it can be officially released.

Just last year, Sony teased its fans and revealed that they are working on a new version of the "God Of War". However, it seems like that the company is too silent to bring in another update regarding the said improvements, which led to a great number of queries from its fans. With this, the creator of the game already admitted that the game's development is getting better and that its launch would be real soon.

According to Game Zone, director Cory Barlog tweeted that the progress of the "God of War" 4 is going weal. He also admitted that doing the game feels like ""daily emotional meat grinder". However, he revealed that he is currently enjoying what he is doing.

In a question stated by one of the God of War 4 players, he asked

"@corybarlog this new era of god of war will have a better lore/history/narrative than previus god of war titles? What do you think Cory?" - @GamerUPMundial

Cory Barlog then gave an answer that earned a multiple amount of retweets. As he stated:

"@GamerUPMundial That is my goal, but all of you will really be the judge. This team is just damn incredible, though, so my confidence is high." -@corybarlog

Meanwhile, COG Connected told fans to be in tuned with this year's E3 as there would be a great possibility that "God of War 4" would be presented in the show. It is expected that new gameplay elements will be shown in the events, which fans would really love to witness.

Sources revealed that game doesn't have any official release date yet and Barlog wouldn't want to give hints either. With this, fans believed that the development of the game is still far from its end and its launch date might still be far from reality. Moreover, Barlog admitted that he would also improve narrative and the elements of the story, so as to keep the interest of its users.

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