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Triple H forbidden to perform ‘Dream and Reality’ on KBS programs

By Louise Bonquin | May 12, 2017 07:11 PM EDT
KBS Network bans Triple H from performing "Dream or Reality" on its shows.
(Photo : Cube Entertainment/YouTube) KBS Network bans Triple H from performing "Dream or Reality" on its shows.

Triple H, the newest idol group run into problems as a song in their debut album has been deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS Network. This means that the trio is not allowed to play or sing their song "Dream or Reality" on a live broadcast in any of the network's shows.

According to Insight, KBS released a statement on May 10, stating that the said Triple H's song have provocative lyrics that cannot be aired. The network explained that "Dream or Reality" contains words and phrases that pertain to sexual relations between a man and a woman, so it was decided not to allow the trio to perform it in any programs.

Further, the group's first mini-album called "199x" was reviewed thoroughly and the ban was the result. The network particularly pointed out the lines in the song that say, "We certainly did something last night and we became one. That's right, let's do it again, let's do it again."

Although the other song in the album titled "365 Fresh" was almost banned as well for its music video, it was later allowed to be performed on stage. On the other hand, the rest of the album's tracks passed the KBS review board and this include "Girl Girl Girl" and "Looking," Allkpop reported

With the ban imposed on "Dream or Reality," Triple H just went on to promote their album with the title song "365 Fresh." The group is enthusiastically performing the track on music shows, TV and radio guesting.

Triple H is the new group formed by Cube Entertainment. It is composed of 4Minute's Hyuna, Pentagon's E' Dawn and Hui. They were officially introduced as a unit on May 1.

Meanwhile, Hyuna has always presented a sexy image so the ban on the song is not really new to her. Just last year, her solo single "Do It" was forbidden on music shows for its raunchy lyrics. In 2011, her solo promotion was cut short as the Korea Communications Commissions found her song "Bubble Pop" to be sexually suggestive.

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