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Lee Min Ho officially starts his military service; Actor goes to work as public service worker [VIDEO]

By Louise Bonquin | May 12, 2017 06:02 PM EDT
Lee Min Ho arrives at the Gangnam government office in Seoul for the first day of his military service.
(Photo : TV Daily/YouTube) Lee Min Ho arrives at the Gangnam government office in Seoul for the first day of his military service.

Lee Min Ho has officially enlisted for his mandatory military service today, May 12. The actor arrived at the Gangnam office in Seoul at around 8:45 a.m. to begin his work as a public service worker.

Based on the military regulations for alternative social workers, men listed here should begin reporting to work first before they can be transferred to the barracks for military training. This means that Lee Min Ho will have to wait for the Military Manpower Administration to announce his schedule for the required 4-week basic training.

In any case, Xports News reported that the "Legend of the Blue Sea" actor's training is going to take place sometime this year. For now, Lee Min Ho will report daily at the Gangnam office for social works.

As with the other soldiers, the star will have to serve the army for two years. Thus, fans will be able to see him again on screen or stage by 2019.

Lee Min Ho has been exempted from active duty as a soldier because he is not physically fit to carry out the duties. It can be recalled that he was badly hurt in a car accident in 2006 with fellow actor and friend Jung Il Woo. His injuries were severe that he stayed at the hospital for seven months.

His leg was also fitted with a metal plate to keep it straight since the bone was badly broken. Such injury made him incapable of doing physical combats so he was assigned for social service works.

Meanwhile, a group of media and fans welcomed the actor for his first day of work at the Gangnam office earlier today. Allkpop reported that Lee was moved to a different office and the location was not revealed. This was probably due to the swarm of fans who were coming to the office building to take a glimpse of the actor.

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