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EXO’s Baekhyun shares his two cents about online criticisms and negative feedbacks [WATCH]

By diana | May 12, 2017 02:42 AM EDT
Baekhyun singing the official soundtrack of 'EXO NEXT DOOR.'
(Photo : YouTube/SMTOWN) Baekhyun singing the official soundtrack of 'EXO NEXT DOOR.'

Baekhyun is well aware that it is impossible to please everyone no matter how hard they try to the best idols for the fans. The EXO member, however, thought that these criticisms can be used as an inspiration to do well in his craft.

For his birthday this year, the idol chose to hold a fan meeting event to celebrate his special day with his loyal supporters. Koreaboo cited a fan filmed Baekhyun's interaction with the fans where he shared his thoughts about receiving negative comments from the netizens.

The 25-year-old idol admitted he is curious of how the fans view him and rest of EXO. Hence, Baekhyun said that he actually reads fans' comments on his SNS accounts to find out what they think of him.

"There are some people who leave posts just because they don't like us, but there are also people who film us and provide really constructive criticism," Baekhyun told his fans.

He went on, "In that case, I can just do better next time. And it's better to commend those people so I can be a better person, and become even more skilled."

The EXO member added he would rather be told off about his lacking in order to improve that aspect and become a better performer. Baekhyun even told his co-members to read the negative feedbacks so they would know what their critics have to say.

Baekhyun just celebrate his 25th birthday last May 6. Two days before his special day, the idol met his fans at SM Artium where for an intimate gathering. The idol gamely entertained questions from the fans during the Q&A session.

The EXO member also prepared a couple of games where he personally participated and mingle with his supporters. Fans, in return, donated to several charitable organizations on behalf of the idol. 

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