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‘Injustice 2’ tips and tricks: Daily objectives revealed

By Daniela Lozano | May 11, 2017 11:45 PM EDT
Injusice 2
(Photo : Super - YouTube) Injustice 2 will be revealing its new character this Monday, March 13th. The new story trailer has been released.

Just like any other free games, "Injustice 2" rewards every player who would opt to play the game every day. Sources told that there is a great number of Daily Login Bonuses that users could get for each day that they try to win a specific battle. Moreover, it was reiterated that the said bonus couldn't be as big as the usual, but it could be up for something more.

According to Touch Arcade, in-game Achievement could be more beneficial than a premium Gems and Shards in a long run in "Injustice 2." While the latter unlocks and increases the level of the characters, it is believed that owning the former would give users a great advantage in the near future.

It was remembered that there are Daily Objectives that users would need to meet every time that they choose to play the game. Sources told that players would have to start with a base of 60 units of energy, which would eventually increase as user level up their profile. It was reiterated by Comicbook said that once the player's level increases, they would get to acquire 30 units of energy. Moreover, completing a set of Daily Objects would prompt every player to level up at least once or twice a day.

With this, here are two of the Daily Objectives being utilized in the game and how could users easily complete them. First are the Free Gems, Stamina and Tickets. To get this things done, simple claim the rewards of Sim Chips, premium Gems and 30 units of energy every time users play. Sources told that this could be the gamers first-ever refill once their initial supply was utilized.

Next is the Campaign Battles. This daily objective would let users defeat 4 Campaign Battles in every way. Once done, players could easily earn overall XP, coins and XP capsules that could be used in leveling up any of the user's desired fighters.

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