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Niantic takes action; Canges introduced for ‘Pokemon Go’ cheaters

By Daniela Lozano | May 11, 2017 07:17 PM EDT
Pokemon Go
(Photo : IGN – YouTube) Niantic Labs released the latest Pokemon GO update, featuring 80+ new Pokemons and evolutions.

Just recently, Niantic revealed that it would do everything that it can to stop cheaters from playing the hit game "Pokemon Go." Sources told that the company has been very determined to add a specific functionality that would not allow users to fake their current locations to catch Pokemon creatures anywhere. With this, fans are asking: what could be the specific action of Niantic?

According to BGR, Niantic already started testing the functionality and those who would be caught cheating would be temporarily banned from playing the game, specifically those who move from one place to another in an instant. Sources even told that the company already told their developers to improve their tracking app in Pokemon Go, so as to keep the soft banning easy for them.

Moreover, the additional features game were formulated when tons of complaint were given to the Pokemon Go Hub, as cheaters are caught from sniping and spoofing on the game. With this, Niantic expects that players would all play fair in catching a Pokemon, so as to keep them from being terminated or soft banned.

Meanwhile, the recently concluded Pokemon Go's Worldwide Bloom Grass Event were not a total hit as it received different complaint from other users. According to Express, some grass-type Pokemon were not visible in other locations, particularly in built-up urban areas. Moreover, it was reported that the game only last for 2 days which didn't give an ample time for users to get a massive number of Pokemon creatures. As it was stated on some of the fans' social media accounts:

"This grass event is pretty bad. 1. Barely no grass types for me. 2. Only lasts for 2 days!!!"

"On my hour long walk, I saw one solitary grass type: Paras. No thank you."

Other than that, it was revealed that the said functionality would just be the beginning of solving all the cheats possible in Pokemon Go. After the tracking problems are solved, it is reported that the developers would move on to another problem.

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