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‘Clash Of Clans’ news update: Patch Releases in May; New teaser introduced

By Daniela Lozano | May 12, 2017 07:26 AM EDT
Hog Rider, Wizard and Barbarian on a beach in latest teaser of 'Clash of Clans'
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Clash of Clans) Hog Rider, Wizard and Barbarian on a beach in latest teaser of 'Clash of Clans'

"Clash of Clans" fans are still looking forward that the game's biggest update would be release real soon. Sources told that the Supercell hit game would arrive in the market this May and it is all set to give new features that fans would surely love. Could this be really the grandest update yet for "Clash of Clans"?

According to The Star Online, many speculations are being thrown online regarding the content of the upcoming update for "Clash Of Clans". Many believed that the sneak peeks being released today could bring in so much meaning with the update for the game. News revealed that the said update could ultimately allow gamers to ride a specific boat and explore "the other side of the sea". Moreover, in a trailer shown online, reports admitted that a Pig, a Wizard, a Hog Rider and a Barbarian were talking about a journey across the sea. After a thorough conversation, the Wizard concluded that the only possible part to get to the other side of the sea is through a ship.

With this, fans are left questioning what could really happen in the game. While others are confused with the update, some believed that Supercell is doing a great job in keeping the fans interested with "Clash Of Clans". Other than that, recent reports claimed that the "Shipwreck" update is already on its finishing stage, which could indicate that the game might be release this May.

Meanwhile, Touch Arcade reported that a new teaser has been released regarding the "Clash Of Clans". Sources revealed that the Captain's Log Day 2 is tagged as New Friends, which would focus on the life of Hog Rider and how he wants to meet new friends.

Moreover, it is believed that the said update would also include the multi-village and the high-speed night mode. However, news should be taken as just a pinch of salt as nothing has ever been confirmed or denied by Supercell.

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