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Sulli is dating a new guy Kim Min Joon and SM Entertainment confirms; Former f(x) member cheated on Choiza?

By Louise Bonquin | May 11, 2017 07:22 PM EDT
Sulli on vacation in Cuba and said to be with new BF Kim Min Jun, as his reflection is obvious in the photo.
(Photo : Sulli/Instagram) Sulli on vacation in Cuba and said to be with new BF Kim Min Jun, as his reflection is obvious in the photo.

Sulli has been reported to have a new boyfriend named Kim Min Joon. Not long after the news came out, SM Entertainment confirmed that the former FX member is indeed in a relationship with a non-celebrity guy.

Once again, it was Dispatch that first reported about Sulli's new romance by releasing exclusive photo of the couple on dates. It was said that Sulli and Kim Min Joon date openly in public since most people think that they are only friends. In fact, Dispatch already released photos back in February but nobody paid attention to it.

Based on the reports, the pair may have already been dating for about two months.
SM Entertainment added that the two naturally developed special feelings for each other as they share many common interests especially in the field of music and fashion.

The agency's statement further stated that although they are confirming the romantic relationship between Sulli and Kim Min Joon, they are somehow worried about the latter for he is a non-celebrity. Perhaps, he could suffer from backlash or something similar.

In any case, according to KBS World, the singer turned actress is currently dating a person who is nine years older than her. He is a brand director and promotes with hip-hop crew called 360 SOUNDS. Kim Min Joon is also said to be involved in several other businesses like the Red Bull Korea and more.

Meanwhile, following the reports about Sulli's new beau, many suspected that she cheated her boyfriend of two years, Choiza. The ex-couple broke up in March and around that time, Kim Min Jun and Sulli may have already been hanging out more than they should.

Fans also pointed out that perhaps, Choiza once hinted that Sulli was cheating on him. In the one of the rapper's old Instagram update, which was already deleted, it shows a lamb's leg and it was captioned, "So, this is a lamb's leg?"

In Korean language, lamb's leg is "yang-dari," a word that is also used by Koreans to refer to cheating in a relationship.

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