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Sulli and Kim Min Jun confirmed dating; Get to know Sulli's new beau

By Maria A. | May 11, 2017 05:48 PM EDT
Former f(x) member Sulli in attendance during the Tory Burch Spring 2016 in New York.
(Photo : Getty Images/Cindy Ord) Former f(x) member Sulli in attendance during the Tory Burch Spring 2016 in New York.

SM Entertainment has confirmed that former f(x) member Sulli is indeed dating 360 Sounds' Kim Min Jun.

In a statement SM Entertainment confirmed that Sulli and Kim Min Jun are dating and have growing feelings for each other. The agency also asked fans to be considerate and understanding of the couple since Kim Min Jun is a non-celebrity.

Koreaboo reported that Sulli and Kim Min Jun have been dating for two months. Sources also say they met through their mutual friends and have been friends ever since. Kim Min Jun is 35 years old, making him 11 years Sulli's senior.

The couple also appears to enjoy going on dates in public. Sources claim the couple has been spotted together in various locations, including Itaewon, Seoul.

Kim Min Jun is the owner a restaurant lounge, Hideout Seoul, which is located in the Itaewon district. He is also the head manager of Red Bull Korea. As Red Bull Korea's head manager, Kim Min Jun is in charge of the brand's promotional activities and events.

According to Koreaboo, he is the manager of 360 Sounds, one of the most popular DJ crews in South Korea. 360 Sounds is popular in the clubbing community, and has hosted parties attended by well-known celebrities such as BIGBANG's G-Dragon. Interestingly, 360 Sounds previously hosted a party where Dynamic Duo was a guest performer. Choiza, Sulli's ex-boyfriend, is a member of Dynamic Duo.

Sulli and Choiza broke up in March this year, after dating for over two years. Their relationship attracted a lot of attention due to Sulli and Choiza's big age gap. Shortly after their relationship was publicly announced, Sulli took a break from promoting with f(x), which eventually led to her shocking exit from the group. SM Entertainment said that Sulli and Choiza are still good friends and have maintained their sunbae-hoobae relationship. 

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