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Seunghoon receives a Rolls-Royce from G-Dragon? Winner member confesses the truth

By Louise Bonquin | May 11, 2017 05:47 PM EDT
Winner's Seunghoon clarifies news about the car gift from G-Dragon.
(Photo : VIP News/YouTube) Winner's Seunghoon clarifies news about the car gift from G-Dragon.

Winner's Seunghoon was on the news headlines last week after posting a video on his Instagram account. It was big news because it also involved Big Bang's G-Dragon whom he claimed to have given him a luxury car as a gift.

The post was actually somehow believable since G-Dragon is one of the most successful musicians in the world of Kpop. Even if the car is a Rolls Royce and worth over $300,000, the singer can afford to give it as a gift to anyone he pleases.

Then again, there are people who are skeptical about it since they found it too much of a gift when GD does not even give something this luxurious to his Big Bang bandmates. For others, as the "Crooked" singer is known to be very supportive of his hoobaes, the car gift is just another example of his generosity to his junior singers.

At any rate, Dispatch reported that Seunghoon received a Rolls-Royce car from G-Dragon. The evidence was the video uploaded by the Winner member on his SNS on May 1 which was captioned "G-Dragon gifted me this car."

In the short clip which has since been deleted, Seunghoon was in the driver's seat while two other Winner members were shown standing at the front of the car. The car's dashboard was shown as well and the RR logo on the steering wheel was also visible.

Now, since the issue is getting bigger, Seunghoon clarified that G-Dragon did not give him the car. Kpop Herald reported that during Winner's latest V app live broadcast, the idol confessed that he was just joking when he posted the video.

He explained that at that time, he complimented GD about his fancy possessions then he later teased him if he can have some of his items like the car. In response, the Big Bang leader also teasingly gave him the go signal to take the car and this led to Seunghoon's SNS update about getting the Rolls Royce as a gift.

Lastly, the idol went on to say that he already apologized to GD and his fans for the confusion he caused. Seunghoon hopes that his ‘confession' will clear things up.

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