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'Produce 101' trainees under fire for foul play and sexual harassment allegations

By Maria A. | May 08, 2017 01:43 PM EDT
Kang Daniel on "Produce 101" Seaosn 2
(Photo : YouTube/Mnet Official) Kang Daniel on "Produce 101" Seaosn 2

Two people involved with "Produce 101" are currently embroiled in a controversy. Kang Daniel is receiving criticism for alleging cheating on the show, while Ha Min Ho is under fire for reportedly harassing minors sexually.

Kang Daniel is being accused of using his social media account to influence voting on "Produce 101." "Produce 101" trainees are strictly forbidden from using their social media accounts while competing on the show.

Mnet recently started a poll online to allow viewers to match trainees with a concept song that would best fit that trainee. The trainee will then sing the song assigned to them according to the votes. As per allkpop, a fan wrote a comment on DC Inside advising Daniel to change the number of cats on his Instagram bio to tell fans the song number he wants to sing.

Instead of one cat, Daniel changed it to four, which is presumed to corresponding to song number four, "Never." When the controversy blew up, Daniel changed his bio completely, this time writing an apology for his actions. Netizens, however, are calling out Daniel and suggesting that he should receive a penalty for violating the rules.

On the other hand, Ha Min Ho has been accused of sexually harassing minors. Screenshots of Instagram and Facebook conversations, some dating back to 2016, revealed that Ha Min Ho was inviting some underage fans to come visit him in his house. In some parts of the conversation, Ha Min Ho asks the fan where she lives and studies.

Following the controversy, allkpop reported that Ha Min Ho has terminated his contract with his former agency, The Vibe Label. It was also revealed that he would be leaving "Produce 101." Furthermore, the agency apologized in behalf of Ha Min Ho and revealed that the singer deeply regrets causing the controversy as a trainee. 

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