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5 interesting things you probably don't know yet about WINNER's Mino

By Maria A. | May 08, 2017 01:13 AM EDT
WINNER's Mino suffers from neck injury amidst comeback preparations.
(Photo : YouTube/Artists News KFK) WINNER's Mino suffers from neck injury amidst comeback preparations.

Most celebrities have interesting first-kiss stories to tell, but WINNER's Mino's version of his first kiss isn't quite what he had in mind. The singer revealed that he had his first kiss at such a young age and he wasn't prepared for it at all. Here are five interesting things you probably don't already know about WINNER's Mino.

1. He had his first kiss at a very young age

During an appearance on MBC's "Secret Training Variety Show," Mino revealed that his first kiss was stolen by a senior in middle school, Koreaboo reported. His first kiss happened in 7th grade, which surprised everyone because of how early he experienced it. It was also revealed that out of everyone on the show, Mino had his first kiss the earliest.

Things are pretty much the same between Mino before and Mino now. When he was in middle school, he saw an increase in his popularity among female seniors. One of the seniors called him out of class and told him, "You're pretty alright," before plunging in for a kiss.

2. Mino wants a pet monkey

Although he currently owns a cute cat named Jhonny, Mino, as well as Jinwoo and Seungyoon, revealed that he would like to have a monkey as a pet.

3. Mino has an interesting method to get past writer's block

Whenever he gets stuck working on his music, Mino heads to the toilet to contemplate. "I receive a lot of new ideas after coming back from the toilet," he told Buzzfeed.

4. Mino prefers working in the morning

As far as work-related habits go, Mino likes to "work early in the mornings in his own space," as it helps him concentrate better.

5. Mino wants WINNER to win a huge award this year

Mino is aiming to win an "Artist of the Year" award by the end of 2017. So far, WINNER has won Mnet Asian Music Award for Best New Artist and Golden Disc Award for New Rising Star

Meanwhile, Mino and the rest of WINNER recently dropped their latest album "Fate Number For." They promoted the album with double title tracks namely "Fool" and "Really Really." Mino, Seungyoon and Seunghoon are credited as co-writers and co-composers for the song "Really Really."

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