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AOA’s Choa missing for weeks; FNC Entertainment clears departure rumors, confirms she is on break

By Louise Bonquin | May 07, 2017 09:50 PM EDT
AOA's Choa temporarily leaves group to take a break.
(Photo : YouTube/Yojaeon) AOA's Choa temporarily leaves group to take a break.

AOA's Choa made fans worried as she has been absent from the group's activities for a long time now. To be exact, fans have noticed that she was unable to appear with AOA for about two months already.

Just recently, Choa was not with her group when they performed at the 25th Yeoncheon Festival in Gyeonggi Province. Seolhyun was also not around at that time but she was not able to participate due to a commercial shoot in Paris. On the other hand, Choa's absence has no explanation at all, Sports Chosun reported

Fans also noted that Choa's singing parts were filled in with Yuna's voice so they wonder what this could mean. What's more, the AOA members' latest social media updates worried fans even more and made them think that the AOA leader is leaving the group.

On May 5, Yuna posted part of IU's lyrics for "Ending Scene" which says, "I really mean it. You have the right to be happy" while Mina wrote "Hold on tightly, it will pass."

Now, after days of speculations about Choa's departure from AOA, FNC Entertainment finally addressed the issue by releasing an official statement. The agency announced that Choa is taking a break which explains her absence from all of her group's activities.

It was revealed that it was Choa herself who made the request for a break however, no reason was given. All that was said was that the request for leave was made right after AOA's concert in March 11.

"After AOA's concert in March, Choa personally requested a break so she is currently taking a break. We often adjust performance schedules for members when they wish to take breaks," Koreaboo quoted FNC Entertainment's rep as saying.

Meanwhile, Choa was last seen on the final telecast of JTBC's "Sing For You" which aired on April 1. Then again, this episode has been recorded in March so she already took a break when it was broadcast.

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